ArtIS Development

FocusedON - Body Composition

FocusedON – Body Composition (FN-BC) is a semi-automatic software tool intended for research applications that uses artificial intelligence to carry out a quantitative analysis of the body composition based on abdominal computed tomography image data.


How it works

  • FN-BC  implements a friendly user interface that allows an intuitive and fast navigation through the DICOM data.
  • FN-BC allows to select slices at L3 vertebral level and uses artificial intelligence to accurately discriminate abdominal skeletal muscle and adipose tissue, splitting it into visceral, subcutaneous and intramuscular adipose tissue.
  • FN-BC provides precise and objective information useful for the clinical diagnosis and treatment without adding extra work for Radiology.
  • FN-BC produces reports specifically designed to summarize all the extracted information in a simple and friendly manner.

Body composition analysis

Body composition measurement is being increasingly used for a variety of clinical and research applications. It allows monitoring pharmaceutical therapy, nutritional or exercise intervention, and any other body composition altering situation.

Special attention has been paid in the last decade in research applications to the assessment of the skeletal muscle mass. The main reason is that, in addition to its power generation role, skeletal muscle tissue is a crucial factor in maintaining homeostasis of glucose metabolism. Given its central role in human mobility and metabolic function, any deterioration in the contractile, material, and metabolic properties of skeletal muscle has an extremely important effect on human health.

Similarly, body fat assessment has also gain traction in the research community, paying special attention to the visceral adipose tissue (VAT) quantification. The reason is that VAT is a hormonally active component of total body fat, which possesses unique biochemical characteristics that influence several normal and pathological processes in the human body.